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Geomarc Limited is an independent consulting company specialising in geotechnical engineering and operating worldwide.

Numerical analysis and design of pile foundations

Our key areas of expertise include numerical modelling and design of pile foundations, for which we provide innovative problem solving, giving safe, cost-effective and practical engineering solutions of the highest standards. Our expert on pile foundation design, Dr Francesco Basile, is the author of Repute's calculation engine, one of the leading programs worldwide for pile-group design. Visit our consulting page for more information.

Software development and distribution

We are highly experienced in the development of software applications for foundation design and finite element modelling. Currently, we are engaged in the further development of Repute and other software - to find out more, please click here. We are also pleased to be the sole distributor for Italy of Geocentrix's software Repute, ReWaRD and ReActiv.

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